Our Mission

Advancing Collaboration, Advocacy and Professional Development within the Colorado Animal Welfare Community.


Our Vision

Colorado is a state of humane communities for all pets and people.


Our Shared Values

The Five Freedoms

We believe animals have the right to freedom from hunger or thirst; freedom from discomfort; freedom from pain, injury or disease; freedom to express normal behaviors; and freedom from fear and distress.


We feel deep empathy for animals and people who are suffering.


We believe working together increases our collective achievements for animals and our communities.

Quality of Life

We are committed to the health and safety of pets and people in our communities.


We are responsible for continuously seeking and sharing knowledge and resources.


We hold ourselves accountable to our partners and community through transparency.

Training Opportunities!

Coming to you virtually December 1-3, 2020 The Association's 2020 Fall Conference will provide 2.5 days of learning and networking featuring three tracks on topicis of great interest to all leaders. Emerging Trends in Animal Welfare Leadership. Learn more at:


Wildlife Lecture Day will be an open air event Nov. 7, 2020, from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. in Brighton, Colo. You can read more about this event here. 

Please RSVP to lea@greenwoodwildlife.org

CFAWA Member Agreement

As members of CFAWA we:

communicate respectfully and directly

comply with applicable laws, rules and ordinances

participate in our communities and coalitions

refuse to use the term “kill” to describe agencies and their process of thoughtful euthanasia


live, every day, CFAWA shared values