Statement about Weld County animal neglect case

The Animal Welfare Association of Colorado (formerly CFAWA and CAACO) is aware of the tragic and controversial situation at a farm in Weld County. Many neighboring residents have raised concerns about cruelty and neglect. The case has attracted media attention, the attention of animal activists, and the concern of Colorado First Gentleman Marlon Reis who is an animal advocate.
Members of AWAC are very concerned about the situation and we urge the Colorado Department of Agriculture and the Weld County Sheriff's Office, the agencies that have jurisdiction in this case, to immediately use their authority to care for the surviving animals.
In Colorado, many nonprofit agencies employ Bureau of Animal Protection agents who investigate animal cruelty and neglect cases. However, Colorado statutes only allow these agents to address situations involving companion animals and they aren't allowed to investigate or aid in the prosecution of situations involving barnyard animals and livestock.
AWAC remains committed to working collaboratively with all partners in the animal welfare profession to develop strategies to prevent situations such as this in the future.Enter your text here.

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